Unforgettable Experinces

Cessna 170A Flight Experience



Take to the sky in a vintage Cessna 170A. Three individuals can view the gorgeous surrounds of Washington DC. Destinations to consider include sunset over Chesapeake Bay, fall foliage over Shenandoah National Park, or a relaxing tour of the DC region. 

-By Appointment-

30 Minutes: $200

60 Minutes: $250

Stearman Flight Experience



Soar in a vintage biplane that trained the airmen who won World War II. Strapping into the cockpit, donning a flight helmet, hearing the engine roar to life, feeling the air rush past at takeoff, and seeing the world around you in full surround is like nothing else in the world.

-By Appointment-

30 Minutes: $260

60 Minutes: $325

Flight Instruction


Limited opportunities available for those who seek to take to the sky at the controls of these rare aircraft with a certified flight instructor. Contact WideWings for more information and pricing. 


-By Appointment-